App Store Optimization Services

Cases when ASO is required

App Store Optimization Services help to save millions of USD on mobile games traffic spendings.

It often happens that even mobile games that are operated by large and experienced publishers have store pages containing a large number of deficiencies that lead to unnecessarily high user acquisition costs.

It is very important not only to make a quality, effectively monetized game and provide it with traffic sources. It is also critical to make sure that the app’s page is thoroughly designed and conducted so that it helps:

• to ensure that the game is listed in the most relevant search queries and queries based on competitive games;
• to maximize the conversion rate of the game icon views into the app’s page views;
• to ensure that the conversion rate of page view into game installations is also maximized;
• to get app store administration’s attention and receive as much promo support from store as possible by meeting all the requirements that are applied to game pages by platform administrations.

In cases when the page of the game does not perform the specified functions, the unit costs of User Acquisition is high, and the app’s organic traffic is lower than those of competitors.

In such cases, the App Store Optimization services are required. We provide such services.

Service Description

ASO services include:

1. General analysis of the app’s pages content as well as its correspondence to the content of the game and its key features / USP.
2. Formulation of the list of reference games for the purposes of conducting keywords and accents on key features in the description of the game.
3. Preparation and analysis of the keywords base for the application using the keywords analytics online services;
4. Improvements of the game description, while considering the analysis of its content, the list of reference games and the key accents;
5. Integration of keywords into the page’s following text metadata:
5.1. The name of the game;
5.2. Brief description of the game;
5.3. Full description of the game.
6. Improvements of game promo screenshots, while considering the results of analysis of the game content and updated game description;
7. Improvements of the application icon both in terms of its content and composition as well as in terms of compliance with the current Android guides to support a wide range of OS versions including the most current ones;
8. Preparation / improvements of the short trailers for the game:
8.1. in case of Google Play – considering the wide scope of the video usage purposes;
8.2. in case of the App Store (App Preview) – considering the technical and content limitations imposed by Apple’s Guidelines

Success Cases

Cats vs Pigs: Battle Arena

Cats vs Pigs game got 5 200 installs in 3 week after the launch of Google Play Open Beta using only organic traffic sources. It helped to save more than 10 thousand dollars on Users Acquisition costs in just 3 weeks.

Other cases and more details can be provided upon request.

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