Beware! The cuttiest cats ever against the most badass pigs in the universe!

Our initial game is targeted to a wide audience within a midcore marketing segment and features competitive asynchronous multiplayer gameplay. It is a game about tiny sailors that will blast your gadgets with cute graphics, humorous setting, original shooting controls and fun multiplayer action. Join Captain Meow and his Cat Corsairs Crew on their breakneck mission of naval domination!

  • ASSEMBLE a team of cute cat sailors.
  • DESIGN and craft the ultimate ship.
  • DISCOVER dozens of crazy weapons, gadgets and marine hulls.
  • BATTLE against other players in hilarious PvP action and fight your way to the top!

Hoist the sail! The rave of ocean waves and Caribbean winds are waiting for you, brave kitty!

Face off the Apocalypse Pigs Army, uncover the conspiracy of the Frog of War and rescue back stollen cat food supplies!