Mission and Strategy

We are dedicated to quality of projects in terms of art direction and gameplay. Our business strategy is based on the following policies.

Meaningful Key Selling Points

We do carefully consider every project we develop. At the present time we work only on mobile games that:

  • are targeted on wide audience
  • include asynchronous competitive online multiplayer
  • use innovative core gameplay

Fast Delivery

Our experience let us establish good production processes that help us deliver milestones in time while focusing only on really important features.

High Quality Design

Our core team consist only of experienced professionals who know how to deliver beautiful, entertaining and grossing games.

Soft Launching

We release projects only when we are sure that they will show good usage and monetization metrics.

Close App Stores Relations

Acclaimed projects in our past portfolio helped us establish close connections with App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store administrations. We do our best to maintain these relations and coordinate all our releases and marketing actions with platform owners to make sure that our mobile projects get maximum possible attention from app stores executives.

Funding and Investments

We consider that our business strategy will let us to quickly establish sustainable incomes after the release of the initial project that is scheduled to happen in summer 2018.

We do hedge and have enough own resources to achieve our goals but always welcome professional partners and investors from game development and entertainment industries.

Feel free to contact us via email info@grossing.games