Selected Projects

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Wow Dog. Game Design for a Dog Owner Simulator

WD Project Banner

We provided game design services for a project of fun dog owner simulator that will appeal to both children and those who remain a child in their hearts. The game started receiving App Store promo support from the very release date and quickly entered charts throughout the world.

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Client: Mighty Plus

Cats vs Pigs: Battle Arena. Full Cycle Production of a PvP Action

CVP Project Banner

We developed online mobile action game with asynchronous PvP, released the project, received “Indie of the Week” award from Apple and now keep improving and updating the game on a daily basis while it is operated by a publisher.

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Client: Heatherglade

Metal Sky. Concept Art for PvP Air Combat Action

MS Project Banner

We provided a set of high quality concept art pieces and illustrations to enrich the post apocalyptic setting of a mobile dogfight action PvP game.

Client: AppQuantum

Awesome Pirate Jack. Full Cycle Production of a Naval Shooter

APJ Project Banner

We developed an action game about tiny pirates blasting everything around!

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Client: Bobaka/Sarcastic

Cats vs Pigs: Battle Arena. Teaser Trailer for Open Beta Release

CVP Trailer Project Banner

We produced the teaser trailer for the open beta release of the project. The trailer’s storyboard is based on the game’s feature list and presents different aspects of gameplay.

Client: Heatherglade